3 Tips for Preparing Your Child for Boarding School

Sending your child off to boarding school is a huge change for them. However, this change can definitely be a great one that can help your child to be more successful in school and in life. The key to your child having a successful experience in boarding school is for you to prepare them. This will allow them to feel more confident on their first day and will allow them to have the independence that they need to function well on their own. This article will discuss three tips for preparing your child for boarding school.  Create a List of School Supplies and Purchase These Items A great way to prepare your child for boarding school on a material level is to purchase them all of the school supplies that they are going to need. The two of you can sit down together and create a school-kit list that includes all of the items that they will need for their dorm room and for classroom use. Then, the two of you can go together to purchase all of these supplies. Continue Reading →

Is Private School Right For Your Child?

You’re considering choosing a private school for your child’s education. Great! These educational institutions offer benefits galore, such as lower student-teacher ratios and the opportunity to follow an educational or religious philosophy during the school day. But, what else? Understanding the advantages that they hold can help you to discover why these types of schools may be right for your child. What can private schools do for your young student? Reading Readiness Obviously, having less students assigned to one teacher can only benefit learning. And, while it might only ‘seem’ like children benefit from private school instruction, in many ways they actually do. When it comes to reading, students attending private institutions score higher on national tests. The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) evaluates students across the U.S. in fourth, eighth and twelfth grades. The 2013 NAEP Reading Report Card (for the nation’s students) shows that children who attend private programs consistently score higher on reading skills and knowledge than those in public schools. While only 8 percent of public school students in grade four scored in the “Advanced” Continue Reading →

3 Fun Fall Leaf Activities To Do With Your Preschool Class

As fall starts to really kick into full swing, now is a great time to do some fun, fall-themed activities with your preschool class. Here are three fun fall leaf activities that you can do with your preschool class. #1 Fall Color Leaf Walk Young children are fascinated by the changing colors of the leaves on the trees outside. Take advantage of your class’s interest in the change of colors by taking them on a fall color walk and leaf search. When you take them on your fall color walk, discuss with your class why the leaves are changing colors.  Ask your students to try to pick up as many different colored leaves as they can. When you get back to your classroom, have your students sit in a circle and discuss what color leaves that they found. Make a list of the different colored leaves that you found and discuss with your class how the leaves have changed from green into all the colors that are on your list.  #2 Fall Leaf Picture Next, you can take the fall Continue Reading →