Talking About Educational Materials For K-12 Students
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Talking About Educational Materials For K-12 Students

Hi there, I’m Jax. Welcome to my site about K-12 educational materials and supplies. When I was attending school, the books were easily decades old at the newest. The books often had outdated information the teachers had to correct during the lesson. My teachers would print handouts that explained why the information was no longer relevant. I want to prevent this issue by sharing information about finding the right supplies, including books, for the classroom without breaking the bank. I will talk about using innovative online learning materials in lieu of actual textbooks for certain subjects. Hopefully this information can help children learn more effectively.


Talking About Educational Materials For K-12 Students

Different Types Of K6 Schools

Ava Robertson

Kindergarten through 6th grade are commonly referred to as the primary grades. There are different types of schooling you can choose to put your child in, and this makes it easy for you to find a type of school you feel will work out the best for not only your child, but for the rest of the household as well. Here are some of the different types of k-6 schools you can choose to put your child in for their schooling. 

Public schools

For most families, public schooling works out fine. Most people live close to a public school, or there is a bus provided to take children to and from school, which is helpful if you would normally have a problem taking and picking your child up due to transportation issues or scheduling conflicts. Public schools are government-funded, so you won't have to worry about paying tuition. 

Charter schools

Charter schools are the same as public schools in that they are free, they don't have an entrance exam, and the students undergo the same state testing. However, charter schools differ in that they run independently from public schools, which means that they can run their schooling programs a bit differently. They have independent control over things like the times the students attend, and they can also work as a hybrid school in that they can have programs that allow the students to take some classes at the campus and other classes to be done at home. 

Private schools

Private schools are ones that may require an entrance exam. They can also be religion-based, and they may also have different hours than public schools because they are not government-funded but instead charge tuition to those who attend. Many times, private schools have advanced curriculum, and many parents like that the smaller class sizes allow for more one on one education. 


You can choose to homeschool your children. You can register them with a public school that offers a homeschool curriculum. If you go this route, then their school supplies will be sent, and they will work online with assistance from teachers. Or, you can register with the state to homeschool your child with a chosen curriculum. This is a great option for families with strange schedules or just if you want to be more in charge of your child's education. You can work your child's homeschooling around your schedule.